Gender Action Plan

Since its foundation, the Aptus Biotech company has made it a priority to maintain a policy of equal opportunities without distinction of gender, ensuring equality between men and women.
To this end, it subscribes the recommendations established by Organic Law 3/2007, of March 22, for the effective equality of women and men, in the field of private enterprise. In this respect, the company has signed a gender action plan and Prevention of Sexual Harassment with the commitment to achieve a better society, with a high degree of well-being, through research, development and innovation defending non-discrimination based on sex.

In particular, it has been paid attention to the following elements:

Gender equality officer: Ana García-Sacristán

  • The development of work schemes that are flexible with family responsibilities.
  • Promote and facilitate that women can develop their careers through continuous training to improve their skills, in order to keep them updated and motivated.
  • Creation of an open, attractive and stimulating work environment that offers development career opportunities where innovation plays a key role.
  • Working closely with institutions that promote women in science and technology.