Our History

Aptus began its operations as a facility specialized in aptamer technology and participate in the Apta4 consortium (INNPACTO 2011 Program) among other collaborations and partnerships. Later on, Aptus led the development and characterization of an aptamer against TLR4 in collaboration with by the Aptamer Group (IRYCIS), led by Dr. Víctor M. González and Dra. Elena Martín, and the Neurovascular Research Unit (NRU) of the UCM. Initially patented by the company (PCT/EP2015/064277), in 2017, AptaTargets purchased the molecule and initiated the ApTOLL program towards the treatment of acute ischemic stroke. Currently, the molecule is in clinical stages (phase 2).


Nowadays, Aptus is seeking novel applications of our aptamer technology. Particularly, the company is focused on the APTABREAST project that aims to address the preclinical phase (non-regulatory and regulatory) by the Mnk1 aptamer (apMNKQ2) development for breast cancer novel therapy.
In addition, the company has developed aptamers against proteins of Swine Influenza Virus (SIV) with an ELONA kit in its final stage prior to commercialization, hepatitis C virus (HCV), Chikungunya virus (CHKV) and others with the aim of using them also in different detection systems. Furthermore, Aptus has participated in several contracts with other companies with the aim of developing aptamers against different targets (allergens, markers, etc.) for diverse applications. Also, Aptus has already participated in two Europeans projects of different calls.