Our team

Management Team
Ana Seco
Co-Founder & CFO
ana.seco @ aptusbiotech.com

Graduate in Economy, MBA IESE Business School, Co-Founder of AptusBiotech and AptaTargets. Expert in Biotech Management. She is the Sole Administrator and Financial Manager of the company.

Dr. Víctor M. González
victor.m.gonzalez @ aptusbiotech.com

Senior researcher at the Ramón y Cajal Institute for Health Research (IRYCIS), where he directs the Aptamer Research Group. PhD in Molecular Biology from the Autonomous University of Madrid.

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Technical Team
Dr. Gerónimo Fernández, Technical Director & QA
g.fernandez @ aptusbiotech.com

Graduated in Chemistry, specialty Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (UAM 1997) and PhD. in CC. Chemistry, Biomedicine program (UAH 2002), I have developed my professional career focused on therapy and human diagnosis

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Ana García-Sacristán
Project Manager and Head of Gender Policy
garciasaa @ aptusbiotech.com

Graduated in Chemistry at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid in 1998. She obtained the PH.D degree in 2004 at the Universidad Complutense of Madrid working with genes involved in cell differentiation

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Celia Pinto
celia.pinto @ aptusbiotech.com

Degree in Biology (2009), Master of Health Analysis at the Complutense University (2013).and PhD. in Biology at UAH (2019). More than 10 years of experience in aptamers. She has been focused on the development of the aptamer apMNKQ2

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Ana Salgado
ana.salgado @ aptusbiotech.com

Graduated in Biology (UAM) and MsC in genetics and cell biology (UAM, UAH, UCM), she is currently undertaking the PhD in Biology at the UAM.She has more than 5 years of experience in aptamers. She owns a CAM Doctor Industrial fellowship

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Laura Herraiz Benítez
laura.herraiz @ aptusbiotech.com

Bachelor in Pharmacy from UCM, MSc in Microbiology by Radboud University (The Netherlands). Experienced researcher in several labs in Germany and The Netherlands.

Mirian Barragán
m.barragan @ aptusbiotech.com

Senior Technician in Pathological
Anatomy and Cytology and 7 years of
experience in different aptamer
selection projects.

Scientific Advisor
Javier Cortés

Director of the Baselga Oncologic Institute (IOB), Clinical Researcher of the Breast Cancer Research Program of the Vall d’Hebrón Oncology Institute of Barcelona. Actively involved in the development of 4 candidates drugs against metastatic breast cancer in Europe from which approved: pertuzumab, eribulina y everolimus. National Prize of Medicine 2021

Elena Martín

Leader of the Aptamer Group at IRYCIS. PhD. in Biochemistry at UAM. Postdoctoral researcher at UAH. Expert in aptamers, signalling and molecular biology of cancer as well as ischemic pathologies.