OLIGOFASTX: Comprehensive platform for the sustainable development of Oligonucleotide-based therapies.
The OLIGOFASTX project, led by Sylentis, S.A. (Pharma Mar Group) brings together 7 Spanish companies united in order to facilitate and contribute to the accelerated development of oligonucleotide-based therapies in Spain. In particular, the entities that comprise it are:

– Experts in the development of RNA-based therapies (Arthex Biotech, AptaTargets, Aptus Biotech and Sylentis) who will be responsible for the design and development of new therapies for the treatment of rare diseases.

– Companies with a long history in the development of targeted delivery strategies for nucleic acids (Nanovex and Sylentis).

– And experts in implementing new disruptive strategies for the synthesis of nucleic acids (Nostrum Biodiscovery and Biotechnology Development for Industry in Pharmaceutical).

OLIGOFASTX seeks to develop a comprehensive, transversal and sustainable platform for new therapies based on RNA oligonucleotides (ASOs, siRNAs and aptamers), which promotes and facilitates the arrival on the market of new innovative therapies for the treatment of rare diseases in Spain.

“OLIGOFASTX offers us the opportunity to advance in the development of alternative therapies for the treatment of rare diseases such as anaplastic thyroid cancer.

The application of aptamer technology will allow Aptus Biotech to position itself as a reference in the market for this type of innovative solutions based on the use of nucleic acids as direct-action therapeutic tools, as well as their use in drug targeting.”

Miguel Moreno – CSO of Aptus Biotech