R&D Pipeline

Current Research Projects

Project Call Funding Agency Role Activities Execution Period
APTAGASTRO IDI-20230064 Partner

Validate the use of the apMNKQ2 aptamer as a potential antitumor drug in gastrointestinal cancers, specifically pancreatic adenocarcinoma (PCA) and colorectal cancer (CRC).

OLIGOFASTX MIG-20211028 Partner

Develop a sustainable platform for new therapies based on oligonucleotides (ASOs, siRNAs and aptamers for the treatment of rare diseases.

PHITBAC PLEC2021-007739 Partner

AptusBiotech will be in charge of developing novel aptamers for the detection of specific antibiotics used in clinics


Relevant previous projects in which the entity has participated

Project Call Funding Agency Role Activities Execution Period
AptaBreast RTC2019-007227-1 Coordinator Mnk1 aptamer for breast cancer novel therapy. Preclinical Trials in animal models. 2020-2023
PrediApt RTC2019-007229-1 Coordinator Development of a Predictive System based on Aptamers in response to Treatment with Platinum Derivatives in Lung Cancer 2020-2023
METASTARG EURONANOMED 2018-045 Partner Selection of aptamers against a lung cancer marker and their use for targeting in drug delivery and thus interrupting metastatic progression. 2018-2021
Aptalung RTC-2017-6597-1 Coordinator Lung Cancer Diagnosis Using Aptamer technology. Applications in analysis of circulating tumor cells (CTCs) and in Apta-histochemistry. 2018-2021
AptaVir RETOS 2016 MINECO (RTC-2016-5302-1) Partner Development and manufacture of portable solutions for direct detection of the Chikungunya virus for rapid diagnosis. 2016–2019
MultiDETECT Programa CDTI-interempresas 2016 EUROSTARS-2 (E9781) Partner Aptamers against proteins of seven porcine pathogens with the aim of developing a multiple diagnostic kit for the detection of respiratory and digestive infections in swine. 2015-2018
ApTOLL RETOS 2015 MINECO (RTC-2015-3741-1) Partner Preclinical development of a molecule based on aptamer technology specific to TLR-4 and applicable in Acute Stroke and Cardiovascular Diseases (Myocardial Infarction). 2015-2017
AptaHCV RETOS 2014 MINECO (RTC-2014-1986-1) Partner Development and validation of an aptamer-based platform for the detection and genotyping of hepatasis C virus.  2014-2017
Subprogramm “Innpacto 2011 IPT-2011-1057-010000 Partner Development and clinical validation of a Kit to diagnose the evolution of intestinal absorptive mass, using innovative technology based on selective aptamers of the APO A-IV protein 2011-2014