R&D Pipeline

Current Research Projects
ProjectCallFunding AgencyRoleActivitiesExecution Period

Mnk1 aptamer for breast cancer novel therapy. Preclinical Trials in animal models.

2020 – 2023

Development of a Predictive System based on Aptamers in response to Treatment with Platinum Derivatives in Lung Cancer

EURONANOMED 2018-045Partner

Selection of aptamers against a lung cancer marker and their use for targeting in drug delivery and thus interrupting metastatic progression.

Relevant previous projects in which the entity has participated
ProjectCallFunding AgencyRoleActivities  
AptalungRTC-2017-6597-1CoordinatorLung Cancer Diagnosis Using Aptamer technology. Applications in analysis of circulating tumor cells (CTCs) and in Apta-histochemistry.2018-2021
AptaVirRETOS 2016 MINECO (RTC-2016-5302-1)Partner

Development and manufacture of portable solutions for direct detection of the Chikungunya virus for rapid diagnosis.

MultiDETECTPrograma CDTI-interempresas 2016 EUROSTARS-2 (E9781)Partner

Aptamers against proteins of seven porcine pathogens with the aim of developing a multiple diagnostic kit for the detection of respiratory and digestive infections in swine.

ApTOLLRETOS 2015 MINECO (RTC-2015-3741-1)Partner

Preclinical development of a molecule based on aptamer technology specific to TLR-4 and applicable in Acute Stroke and Cardiovascular Diseases (Myocardial Infarction).

AptaHCVRETOS 2014 MINECO (RTC-2014-1986-1)Partner

Development and validation of an aptamer-based platform for the detection and genotyping of hepatasis C virus.

Subprogramm “Innpacto 2011”IPT-2011-1057-010000 PartnerDevelopment and clinical validation of a Kit to diagnose the evolution of intestinal absorptive mass, using innovative technology based on selective aptamers of the APO A-IV protein2011-2014