Aptamer discovery and development services


Aptamers to accelerate your research on drug discovery and diagnostic programs

Whether you are working in an early drug discovery program or developing a novel therapeutic or diagnostic application, you may need confidence that your will have the highest-performance required and effortlessly transition for its use.

Working with AptusBiotech’s custom aptamer development services will deliver the aptamer that you need with improved technical solutions and making use of an experienced team to accelerate the aptamer development for our customers.

Toward the mission of “Development through Collaboration”, AptusBiotech is committed to helping customers shorten the timeline for the development of biological drugs based on aptamers, meaningfully lowering R&D costs and providing a continuous support along the discovery process.

Why work with AptusBiotech?
  • Consulting and planning. We help you designing your aptamer selection service. Depending of your target and/or final application we offer different selection strategies for the best results.
  • Ensure the IP protection of your asset. We work confidentially and all results are fully owned by our customers.
  • Our specialized team, with more than twenty years of experience in the field, will work as an extension of your team, to ensure the best outcomes.

How can we do it?

We partner with customers at every stage, from aptamer discovery to commercialization, to develop aptamers that can support your project.

1. Aptamer discovery. We have experience in challenging targets such as small molecules, peptides, whole cells or transmembrane proteins, for the development of potential therapeutic or diagnostic aptamers.
2. Bioinformatic analysis of selected aptamer population. We make use of NGS and the most advanced bioinformatic tools to analyze the selected population. We deliver for you the sequence and structure of up to ten best aptamers candidates.
3. Aptamer optimization. Depending of your final application we can explore the use of different chemical modifications as well as the improvement of the aptamer sequence.
4. Large collection of options for validation of your aptamers in selected applications. Our experienced team can design and execute a large collection of assays appropriate for your application, enabling identification of promising drug leads.

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